Teen Counseling & Therapy

All of the therapists at BrainBody Wellness treat teens. Our focus with teens is holistic and integrative. We prefer the inclusion of the primary family dynamic in the sessions (such as having a parent come in at the end to go over the skills learned in the session). Predominately - our clinicians will utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as this is a structured concrete therapy that is easy for teens to understand and apply. 

Students Taking Exams

The Teen Brain

I think most of us can agree teen years are difficult years. Navigating friendships, school, extracurricular activities, peer pressure, and current events (isolation due to COVID-19). Neurobiology makes it even more difficult as the frontal lobe is still growing for teens - the part of the brain that helps with emotional regulation, self-monitoring, controlling responses and goal achievement. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and body based therapies like EMDR, provide helpful skills and tools to be able to more effectively manage emotions and navigate difficult experiences.

Teen study group