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Scroll down to schedule. Don't know who to schedule with? Fill out our questionnaire to get matched with the best therapist for you here or contact us with questions here. 

Private Pay: All clinicians accept cash/credit card for sessions (Dr. Rozio accepts private pay only)
BCBS & Aetna: Jennifer Salazar, Meghan Kershinar, Dr. Brittany Londer, Lisa Johnson, Jenna Ciancanelli

Aetna and Private Pay: Amanda Nomicos

What to expect during the Free 10-minute consultation call:

  • The selected Clinician will call you by phone at the time selected (please note it will often be from a blocked number)

  • The Clinician will ask you to describe your reasons for seeking out treatment & will explain the treatment options they provide and how it may benefit you.

  • The Clinician will answer any questions pertaining to treatment

  • You will be able to schedule an intake assessment in-person or virtually if you both decide the Clinician and treatment approach is the right fit for you

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