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Couples Counseling in Scottsdale

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Strengthen Your Relationships

Dr. Gabrielle Rozio is our couple's expert providing couples counseling, marital therapy, and premarital counseling at our office in Scottsdale, AZ, or telecare. Whether you are facing obstacles in the dating arena or your marriage, or just want to strengthen your relationship, Dr. Rozio is here to help. She has years of experience assisting individuals and couples to cultivate satisfying, strong, and secure relationships. 


Modern Dating 

The process of finding that special person and then creating a high-quality relationship can be challenging. If you have been dating for a while and keep getting disappointed, you may begin to feel discouraged. Dating provides a unique opportunity for self-reflection. Together with Dr. Rozio, you will identify what is not working for you, what your needs are within a relationship, and what positive changes you can make in your pursuit of a strong, happy partnership. 


Premarital Counseling 

Premarital counseling provides couples a unique opportunity to discuss differences, develop strong conflict-resolution skills, and set realistic expectations with support and guidance from a professional. Preparing for the challenges and stressors that are bound to come from time to time supports the health, stability, and longevity of the new marriage.  


Marriage Counseling 

Maybe you and your partner feel more like roommates, maybe you struggle with infidelity, maybe you desire greater intimacy, or maybe you just want to argue less. Marriage therapy offered by Dr. Rozio offers a non-judgmental environment that alleviates the discomfort in discussing sensitive thoughts and feelings with your spouse. In marriage counseling, we look beyond the day-to-day arguments to identify the core issues, develop healthy patterns, learn effective ways to communicate and gain a deeper understanding of each partners’ challenges and needs. Dr. Rozio’s role is to support the goals set by the couple and to help each partner communicate needs, thoughts, and emotions clearly.  

Couples Therapy Investment (Insurance not accepted, but we can provide out of network forms): 

Consultation: FREE

Intake: $250

Follow-up Visits: $225

Schedule a FREE 10 minute treatment consultation with Dr. Gabrielle Rozio using the link below - select BrainBody Wellness  Counseling as the location. 

Couples Counselor Dr Gabrielle Rozio

Dr. Gabrielle Rozio, Psy.D., L.P.

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