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ADHD Assessments in Scottsdale Arizona

We offer comprehensive ADHD testing for teens and adults. These assessments will include a comprehensive intake interview to determine which psychological assessments are needed. Four to 6 hours of psychological assessment will then be completed to determine an accurate diagnosis. 

We do a continuous performance test (CPT) that allows us to compare normative data which will aid in the diagnostic process in addition to other psychological assessments. Please be wary of any clinics offering "diagnostic testing" for ADHD with only a checklist assessment as this will not offer imperative data on possible rule-out diagnoses (such as an anxiety disorder). 

The process:

Step 1: Contact our office to schedule an initial visit. Your intake assessment will be 50-60 minutes.

Step 2: After your intake assessment, your psychologist will determine what psychological assessments to order. You will then schedule a follow-up time to complete these assessments. In general, the assessments will take 4-6 hours (depending on which assessments are ordered). 

Step 3: The psychologist will score and interpret the assessments coupled with the information gathered at the intake. Once prepared, our office will reach out to schedule a feedback session to go over all results and recommendations.


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