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Services offered at BrainBody Wellness Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ
Holistic Counseling


At BrainBody Wellness Counseling, we specialize in the holistic treatment of individuals across the lifespan. We offer:

Types of Therapy:

Symptoms and Diagnoses We Treat:

Our sessions begin with a comprehensive intake minutes which includes:

  1. Diagnostic interview

  2. Treatment Plan Development

Our treatment plan will include biology, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal/social, spiritual, and "whole person" objectives (exact areas of wellness included will be individualized).

Our office is located in Scottsdale, AZ near the Scottsdale Quarter. We are also able to connect by video anywhere in Arizona. For more information about these services, contact us or schedule your appointment online. 

Image by Darren Bockman

Biofeedback teaches you to take control of your biological response to stress! It takes information from your body (bio) and reads it on a computer screen (feedback). You then learn techniques to alter or change the feedback to more healthy patterns. These techniques have been shown to be incredibly effective in learning to manage emotions and reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia. Biofeedback uses various sensors to read body signals and is non-invasive. 

Currently, we primarily offer Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback and limited Neurofeedback (alpha training). HRV allows us to glimpse into the functioning of the nervous system and practice skills to manage it.

We provide alpha training neurofeedback. This type of neurofeedback we provide trains areas of the frontal lobe and temporal lobe to exhibit brain waves that indicate a relaxed but wakeful state. 

Please note - we do not offer biofeedback as a stand alone service, we integrate it as needed into our psychotherapy sessions. 


We Specialize in Biofeedback treating the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety disorders (generalized worry, phobias, PTSD symptoms)

  • Depression

  • Chronic Stress/tension

For more information about HRV biofeedback and the program we use to provide this service, please visit the site below:

Please contact us or schedule now.

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