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Psychology Session

Individual Counseling in Scottsdale AZ or Online

The individuals who seek counseling at our office are often searching for "more than just talk therapy."

They may have had several experiences with previous counselors where they just talked about their week and didn't feel like they really did any work on healing. They often feel like previous experiences in counseling were "just vent sessions." 


Or, they may be just starting out and wanting to make sure the therapy they engage in is going to address their childhood trauma, fears, and root causes of their distress. 

If this is you, you are in the right place! We named our practice "BrainBody" referring specifically to addressing the whole person in treatment.


All of our counselors are trained in some form of therapy addressing the emotion centers in the brain directly. These centers typically need more than just "talking" to be addressed. This means, no matter which counselor you meet with you will be doing some form of "more than talk therapy." 

If you are not sure which type of therapy is right for you, you can complete our therapist match form and we can help you decide! 

If you are ready to take action towards learning how to manage emotions and thoughts so they don't steal your quality of life, schedule a free treatment consultation with one of our counselors today!

Read more about which therapies we offer on our service page

Psychology Session
Support Groups
Sitting on Couch

Additional Information

You can read about our rates and what insurance we take HERE. Therapy is an investment in your future - to help you build a more fulfilling life.


To get individual rates for a specific counselor please contact us



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