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We are currently offering groups for parents of children with anxiety, parenting children with challenging behavior, and teen life skills. Please view the groups below for more information. 

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Parenting Group: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions Group (SPACE)

Dates: 2024 Dates TBD

Time: TBD

Place: Virtually on Zoom

Host: Lisa Johnson, LAC

Cost: $600 per family unit (1-2 parents) for all 8 weeks ($75/group) 

Sign Up: Click HERE or email us at to sign up with a payment plan

Also known as "Space" - this group teaches parents how to support their children in overcoming anxiety. 

This is a psychoeducational group designed to help parents recognize opportunities to empower their children to overcome anxiety, and to work through challenges, leading to stronger, more independent youths. It is a great class to improve outcomes of individual therapy your child is already involved in or as a stand alone resource. SPACE training is also helpful in parenting young adults who are experiencing failure to launch.


This is an 8-week program starting on 9/15/2023. You will be provided a link the week of the training to attend the group via Zoom.


The cost is per family unit - and includes the attendance of 1 or 2 parents from the same family.


Here is the outline for each week:

Week 1, 8/18: Setting the Stage. Understanding anxiety, personal boundaries, and support in the context of the program.

Week 2, 8/25: Charting Accommodations. Understanding the role of accommodations and charting their use.

Week 3, 9/1: Choosing a Target Problem and Informing the Child.

Week 4, 9/8: Formulating a Plan. Formulating a concrete plan to reduce accommodation while resisting avoidance.

Week 5, 9/15: Reducing Accommodation: Continued. Discussing child’s reactions to changes and reinforcing progress.

Week 6, 9/22: Additional Target Behaviors: Preparing Parents to Take the Lead.

Week 7, 9/29: Additional Target Behaviors: Continued.

Week 8, 10/6: Summary, Review, and Planning for Future Challenges.


This group will be led by our child & teen therapist, Lisa Johnson, LAC.


Please contact us with questions. 

Nurtured Heart Parenting Group

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Place: Virtually on Zoom

Host: Dr. Brittany Londer, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Resident

Cost: $500 per family unit (1-2 parents) for all 8 weeks ($62.50/group)

Sign Up: Click HERE or email us at to sign up with a payment plan

The Nurtured Heart Approach is an alternative parenting method for struggling parents dealing with difficulties with children. In this group parents will learn how to help their child grow from the inside out. Strategies will also be provided to help turn the challenging child around to a pattern of success. The skills you learn in the group will help improve your relationship with your child.

This group will be held by our postdoctoral resident, Dr. Brittany Londer, Ph.D.

The group will run on Tuesdays from 6pm-7pm and will be held via zoom. You will receive the zoom link to attend the week before the group starts.


The first group is on 8/15/23 at 6pm and it runs weekly until the last group on10/3/23.

Here is the outline for each week:

Week 1: Understanding The Nurture Heart Approach

Focused on understanding The Nurture Heart Approach

Week 2: Step 1 Active Recognition

Understanding video moment, the importance of an active stance and active recognition

Week 3: Step 2 Experiential Recognition

Learn to assist your child in figuring out what to make of different situations

Week 4: Step 3 Proactive Recognition

Learn how to implement proactive recognition

Week 5: Step 4 Creative Recognition

Learn how to implement creative recognition by using your parental creativity to create success

Week 6: Step 5 The Credit System

Learn how to implement the credit system with your child

Week 7: Step 6 Consequences

Learn the final leverage that is used to help stabilize the structure created

Week 8: Step 7 Extending the Success to School

Learn the importance of extending success in school


Please contact us with questions. 

Teen Life Skills Group

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Place: In Person - 7730 E Greenway Rd Ste 205 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Host: Jenna Ciancanelli, LAC

Cost: $65/group or $500 paid in full for 8 weeks

Sign Up: Email us to be placed on our interest list:

This is a group for teens to learn general life skills from learning to regulate emotions to setting and achieving goals. Please view more below for a general breakdown of this 8 week group:

Week 1: Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Introduction to self-awareness

Techniques for practicing mindfulness

Identifying personal values and beliefs

Mindful breathing exercises


Week 2: Emotion Regulation

Understanding emotions

Identifying triggers for different


Developing coping strategies for

managing difficult emotions

Role-playing and practicing effective

communication during emotional



Week 3: Goal-Setting and Time


Setting realistic goals

Creating an action plan to achieve


Time management strategies

Identifying obstacles and developing

problem-solving skills


Week 4: Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication skills

Active listening skills

Developing empathy and perspective-


Role-playing and practicing



Week 5: Self-Care and Stress

Identifying signs of stress and burnout

Developing self-care strategies

Relaxation techniques

Mind-body exercises such as yoga or



Week 6: Decision-Making and Problem-


Identifying options and weighing pros

and cons

Identifying potential consequences

and risks

Developing problem-solving skills

Role-playing and practicing decision-

making in various scenarios


Week 7: Healthy Relationships and

Understanding healthy relationships

Identifying red flags and warning

signs of unhealthy relationships

Establishing and maintaining healthy


Role-playing and practicing effective

communication in relationships


Week 8: Personal Growth and Resilience

Developing a growth mindset

Understanding the importance of

failure and resilience

Cultivating gratitude and positive


Celebrating progress and


Please contact us with questions or to be placed on the interest list. 

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