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Hi! I'm Amanda Nomicos, Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR trained Therapist. I guide women who have experience a traumatic birth through the process of healing and recovery using a research backed treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 


EMDR Counseling for Traumatic Birth Experiences

About EMDR for Birth Trauma

At times, childbirth can be a beautiful and life-changing experience. For others, it can be unexpected, traumatic, and emotionally overwhelming.


It's normal to have challenging emotions, thoughts, and feelings after such an experience. That's where EMDR comes in. EMDR is a specialized therapy technique that can help people work through the emotional toll of traumatic experiences, including traumatic childbirth. Amanda is an experienced EMDR therapist who works with individuals who are seeking healing, support, and the chance to move forward from their traumatic birth experience. She provides a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can share their experiences, process their emotions and begin their path to healing.


If you are struggling emotionally, mentally or physically with the after-effects of a traumatic birth experience, EMDR therapy can help you move forward. Amanda is here to provide you with the specialized support and guidance you need.

We offer both traditional weekly EMDR therapy sessions and EMDR intensives to work through trauma. Traditional EMDR is completed in weekly 53 minute sessions and EMDR intensives are completed in a single 3-6 hour time period (with intake scheduled separately). For information regarding cost and insurance, please visit this page. You can read more about EMDR intensives here

To learn more about EMDR therapy, visit our webpage describing how EMDR treatment is conducted. Please contact us with any questions or schedule a free treatment consultation directly with Amanda below. Select "Amanda Nomicos", then "Free Treatment Consultation" and then "EMDR Intensive" for the place. You can let Amanda know during the consult whether you would prefer the intensive or traditional weekly format for the sessions. 

Insurance accepted: Aetna or Private Pay

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