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Why Your Diet Will Fail

I’m sure you have heard of the “latest diets” endorsed by famous doctors, celebrities, or research. The problem with diets lies not in the aspects of their effectiveness, but in term of their long term results. We know diets help you to lose weight, the overarching reason being related to taking in less calories than you are burning off each day. Research has shown the vast majority of people who lose weight after going on a diet will gain it back within 3 years (over 90% of people). What is going on here?

Inherently, the idea of a “diet” is that it is something short and finite. It has a beginning and an end. If you do not change eating habits and behaviors, the way you relate to food, or emotional eating patterns then more likely than not, you will be in that 90% to regain weight after your diet is over.

If this is true, how is it possible for diets to be such a HUGE industry? That’s a great question, and it takes some of its roots in our culture. We live in a culture of “now” or immediate gratification. Most would prefer the “quick fix” or “immediate results.” Think of items that sell, such as body wraps, that promise “immediate results.” Results with no effort or work, sound great right? Not really. What is really going on is short term gains at the cost of long term results.


“ What is really going on is short term gains at the cost of long term results. ”


“Well, what is the alternative?”

Great question. A lifestyle change is a change in your daily behaviors. It is not focused on caloric intake, but rather how you relate to food, how you eat, where you eat, and WHY you eat. It is geared toward the underlying root cause of poor eating habits rather than focused on the food in and of itself. When you start to focus on behaviors of eating and the function of food, something truly amazing happens.


“When you start to focus on behaviors of eating and the functions of food, something truly amazing happens.”


You start to shift your eating patterns naturally, NOT by focusing on the food, but by focusing on YOURSELF. Lifestyle change generally does not yield results as quickly as dieting; however, in the long run it offers results that last. Which would you prefer?

The focus of the CBT for weight loss program at Brain-Body Wellness and Biofeedback, PLLC is on lifestyle change. We dive deep into the function food serves (emotional support, relaxation, stress, boredom, etc..) to identify ways to make lasting changes.

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